Initially, we will set up two, twice daily routes, both early morning and late evening, In this way we will serve a number of key business destinations every other day from our base.

This will give our customers access to a multitude of destinations by using our base as a “Quick change” hub.

Additionally, and on the weekends outside of normal business travel hours we will offer a selection of scheduled return flights to city destinations. During the middle section of weekend days (5-6 hours) we will utilise the aircraft for corporate travel or for example to fly football supporters to away games.

Extrajet’s unique system for pricing tickets, is based on the Uber concept of collective discounts. The more people who fly with us the cheaper the ticket. All flights start with one price per ticket of €300 per seat (one way) regardless of destination and the price will reduce based on increased occupancy. The relevant discount will be credited directly to our clients accounts on completion of each flight.