Q: Why do you think its a good idea to start an new airline when all other airlines seem to be struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The global demand for business travel is forecasted to increase by 8% per annum in the future. Most of the airlines that are struggling due to the virus, have a long history of losing money (Norwegian airlines for example, the third largest European airline, has lost over 90% of it’s value in the past two years and had amassed a lot of debt) Extrajet has no debt, no losses and will be able to take advantage of lower operating costs and favourable conditions going forward (cheaper aircraft, lower fuel prices and availability of staff) When the pandemic subsides, Extrajet can quickly meet the immediate and increased demand for regional business travel.

Q: If I purchase tickets from Extrajet, how certain can I be that I do not lose my money?

A: We operate under IATA so your bookings are guaranteed.

Q: How certain are you that the routes you have chosen will be profitable and sustainable?

A: There are no guarantees that any routes will be profitable, however Extrajet requires relatively low load factors to break even (approx. 50%).

Q: How quickly will you develop the business onto the other routes shown on your website?

A: After establishing the first 3 routes we plan to set up 2 new routes every 3-6 months going forward.

Q: If Extrajet is successful, do you expect a lot of competition form other airlines?

A: We do not expect a lot of competition, simply because most other airlines operate aircraft which are too big for regional airports. We actually expect the bigger airlines to work with us not against us as we will become a feeder airline to their airlines.

Q: Do you think people will be willing to pay €300 per leg on your airline, and if not will you consider reducing your prices?

A: If people find our prices too high then they can always fly with someone else. Its a free market! Our target market is primarily business travellers and they can deduct the cost of travel (flights) from their taxes. If we do not achieve the occupancy levels we expect we will probably increase our prices accordingly or drop that particular route and explore other routes. We will never become a low cost airline!

Q: Will you ever consider setting up tourist routes to holiday destinations?

A: No we are only focussed on short haul business routes from regional airport to regional airport. Our narrow bodied aircraft are only really suited to business travel not long haul tourist routes. We are not in and never will be in the “low cost” holiday travel business.

Q: Will you provide first class tickets and serve food on the airline?

A: No to both…we will have one class, business class light and we will serve only refreshments on the flights. Travelers can buy food in the airports and take it on board if they wish. All our clients will be treated like VIP’s.

Q: Will you offer regular travelers “air miles” or other benefits?

A: No we will not offer air miles, however we will offer travelers a cash kick back to their Extrajet account relative to the number of passengers on each flight. Once the break even load factor of 50% is reached and exceeded on each flight, passengers will get a cash kickback, the higher the load factor the greater the cash kickback percentage. We call this collective discount.

Q: What is your exit plan?

A: Initially we plan to list the company on NASDAQ. We will then make a placement of a percentage of stock (equity shares) to raise expansion capital and create increased shareholder value. Finally we will sell a majority of the company stock in a full IPO and exit the business. (Time scale 5-7 years). Alternatively, we will sell the business in a trade sale.