Most European short-haul airlines either purchase or lease new jets costing anywhere from $80M to $100M (Airbus A320 or Boing 737-800). In comparison an Airbus A380 costs $450M.

These new aircraft are also very expensive to operate and maintain.

We will lease-purchase used, yet well maintained Embraer E-170 business jets that have been substantially depreciated. Used aircraft are just as good as new ones and are available at a fraction of the new cost. Leasing used aircraft will enable us to achieve a low cost to market.

Lower upfront costs. Any used aircraft are noticeably less expensive than their new counterparts, even when they are still in perfect condition

Lower operational costs. Used aircraft cost far less to run, whilst they provide the same level of comfort and safety as new aircraft.

Avoid initial depreciation. When buying used aircraft, you don’t have to worry about that initial depreciation. When we resell the aircraft the depreciation rate will have already slowed down, so we won’t lose as much money as we would if we had bought new.

Lower insurance costs. Since the aircraft is not worth as much, the insurance premiums will be considerably less

Environmental sustainability. Used aircraft are also better for the environment. Producing new aircraft takes a significant amount of energy, so it’s important to use them as long as possible. When we buy used aircraft, we decrease the demand for new ones. As the demand decreases, fewer new ones are made, reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

The Embraer E-170 jets have a travel range of 2,100 Nautical Miles (3,889 Kilometres). They were designed for excellent performance, operational efficiency plus space and comfort. As the lightest of the Embraer E-Jet family, the aircraft has low fuel consumption and low operating costs.

The engines are controlled by full authority digital engine control. This redundant system ensures optimisation during flight, lowering fuel costs and decreasing the amount of maintenance that the jet requires. These aircraft also utilize fly-by-wire technology as standard.

This aircraft has high-efficiency engines that are designed to be quiet and reduce emissions. The E-170 can easily operate at airports with operational restrictions. They boast 10-minute refueling, as well as rapid deplaning and boarding, thanks to doors situated on both sides of the fuselage.

We have chosen to use the Embrasr E-170 aircraft not only because they are perfectly suited to our requirements, but also for safety reasons. There has never been a commercial airline fatality on board an Embraer E-170 jet, therefore they are the safest passenger jet in existence, which from a frequent travelers perspective must be a very comforting thing to know.

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